Book Review Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Isabella's Special Wish is a children's story written by Deborah Belica and illustrated by Elizabeth Karsch. Isabella goes on a journey to have a wished granted by the king. Each page in the book describes her journey and her wish in a series of humorous rhyming couplets that will have children and parents alike guessing at the real objects of Isabella's quest and laughing at the funny ones. The words and pictures work together to teach children reading and vocabulary without their being aware that there is an actual learning experience going on. Isabella's Special Wish is an utterly delightful book. Her story line is perfectly paired up with illustrator Elizabeth Karsch's drawings. Isabella's Special Wish had me laughing out loud and exclaiming with delight what a great book it is -- honestly. As Isabella goes about getting her wish, Belica first has her action paired up with a rhyming, but ridiculous, option which is stated to be such, and then the correct option is presented. It's absolutely brilliant, and it works. If you're like me, you'll be tempted to fly through the pages to find out what Isabella's wish actually is and enjoy the crazy options on the way, but don't rush. Take a few minutes to appreciate Elizabeth Karsch's inspired artwork. Each drawing is simple and elegant all at once, and they make Isabella and her quest come alive. Without risking giving out a spoiler, I can safely say that the image of Isabella walking on a huge green toad is still making me grin as I write this. Isabella's Special Wish is a fabulous children's book that actually educates while it masterfully entertains.